Rotating Photobooth 360°

New 360° Rotating Photobooth entertainment that creates unique 360° selfied videos.

A new technological advance in photo animation!

Always to entertain and attract more people, here is the rotating photobooth that creates unique 360° selfied videos.

Immediate 360° video sharing

The 360° video effects are immediately visible on the Photobooth screen so that guests can share it via email.

Amuse guests while creating a buzz !

Photo and video animations no longer need to prove their viral potential: each original photo or video posted on social networks will benefit from an immediate and very qualitative relay: a guaranteed snowball effect! Adding your logo, product, brand, event or background visual to this image offers great advertising at a lower cost. From the shooting to the software and hardware interface, everything is customizable!

The Rotating Photobooth

The Rotating Photobooth, as its name suggests, is an 80 cm diameter platform that can comfortably accommodate 2 or even 3 people. The shooting is done by a fixed videobooth: only the participants rotate. The background being fixed, it is possible to embed a customizable background.

The + of the EasyBox 360°

Delivery & assembly of the EasyBox by yourself or by Easyflash (extra charge)

Unlimited hours and videos

Sending on instant smartphone (via wifi) / Link to your digital photos in 24h-48h

Several customizations possible: EasyBox, backdrop

Optional accessories

Disassembly & recovery of the EasyBox 360° by yourself or by Easyflash (extra charge)

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