Rental Photobooth EasyBox 180° Bullet Time

Play it as Matrix with the EasyBox 180° Bullet Time!
The Photobooth with special effect
Exclusively at EasyFlash!

Take it to the next level with our Photobooth EasyBox 180° Bullet Time effect.

Remember that scene where Keanu Reeves aka "Neo" in the movie Matrix, dodges a burst of bullets fired by evil mercenaries to kill the chosen one? A scene that will launch the special effects cinematography of "Bullet Time". You know what? We have reproduced it and this thanks to the technology included in our Photobooth EasyBox 180°.

Take the pose, jump, do your best shot and it will be immortalized in a mini film with the "Bullet Time" effect.

Yes, but how? A set of professional reflex cameras (installed in our Photobooth EasyBox 180° Bullet Time) take in burst mode the person installed in front of the lenses, all is calculated and assembled by our software in order to make a video sequence worthy of the name.
You will be impressed by the result.

Les + de notre borne photo EasyBox 180° Bullet Time

Delivery & assembly of the EasyBox by yourself or by Easyflash (extra charge).

Unlimited digital photos in High Definition quality

1 person to ensure the smooth running of the event

You can send your photo to your smartphone instantly using your email address.
Sending via a WeTransfer link of all your digital photos within 24h-48h

Several customizations possible:
Possibility to add a logo or slogan on the picture.
A personalized or non-personalized backdrop can be offered as an option.

Optional accessory packs

Disassembly & recovery of the EasyBox by our team.


Customize your Photobooth EasyBox 180° Bullet Time with a beautiful backdrop!

We have a wide choice of backdrops for all types of events.
(wedding, company, birthday, baby shower, private party, meeting company, staff party, bar mitzvah...).

See all of our backdrops by clicking here.

easybox fond 1
easybox fond 2
easybox fond 3
easybox fond 4
easybox fond 5
easybox fond 6

How does it work ?


A hostess welcomes you in front of the EasyBox.


Position yourself


Smile! Move it!
It's in the box!


The EasyBox takes care of everything and produces your 180° video.


Save your video or share it on social networks!

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