Rental 360° Rotating Photobooth EasyBox

More than entertainment, innovative animation, a unique rotating Photobooth concept.
Now create videos in 360 ° selfie mode

A new technological advance in photo animation!

We have developed a new concept in our studios, combining photo technology and cinematographic innovation.

Do you find the photos too static for your taste? Want to wow your guests? Have something out of the ordinary?
Give them a rendering worthy of the world of cinema ...

The technology of our 360 ° rotating EasyBox photobooth allows us to assemble a multitude of shots and will produce a mini film with a guaranteed WAOU effect!

Our animation is fully customizable, via the software and hardware interface, select your 360 ° effects, your backgrounds, add your logo, a product, a brand, an event ... You have carte blanche!

Finally, each rendering can be immediately shared on your social networks and creates a buzz.


Some precisions...

The Rotating Photobooth, as its name suggests, is an 80 cm diameter platform that can comfortably accommodate 2 or even 3 people. The shooting is done by a fixed videobooth: only the participants rotate. The background being fixed, it is possible to embed a customizable background.

The + of our 360° Photobooth EasyBox

Delivery & assembly of the EasyBox by yourself or by Easyflash (extra charge)

Unlimited hours and videos

Sending on instant smartphone (via wifi) / Link to your digital photos in 24h-48h

Several customizations possible: EasyBox, backdrop

Optional accessories

Disassembly & recovery of the EasyBox 360° by yourself or by Easyflash (extra charge)


1. Choose your essential accessories pack

To embellish your photos, we offer you a choice of 3 packs of accessories.
- Standard Pack (frames, panels or props)
- Premium Pack (various sizes and colors of hats & glasses...)
- Customized Pack (Accessories specially purchased for your event according to your theme)
From 0.-CHF

Frame Accessories

Frame Accessories

Props Accessories

Props Accessories

Sign Accessories

Sign Accessories

Premium Accessories

Premium Accessories

2. Choose your backdrop (the final touch)

We offer you a wide choice of backdrops for all types of events.
(wedding, company, birthday, baby shower, private party, company outing, staff party, bar mitzvah...).

See all of our backdrops by clicking here.
From 0.-CHF
backdrop 1
backdrop 2
backdrop 3
backdrop 4
backdrop 5
backdrop 6
backdrop 7
backdrop 8
backdrop 9
backdrop 10
backdrop 12
backdrop 13

How does it work ?

Put yourself in front of the EasyBox
Tap the Touch Screen to start

Smile! It's in the box!

Instantly print your photos, or send them to your smartphone in 1 click
Save your photos or share them on social networks!

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