This contract is a service contract for the rental of a photobooth at an event (public / private event).


2.1 Easyflash undertakes to comply with the regulations in force in the establishment and with the laws and regulations in force in the country.

2.2 The Provider undertakes to carry out the task specified in Article 1 in accordance with the rules of the trade and in the best possible manner.

2.3 Our Easy Machine will be delivered 1 hour before the beginning of your event at the latest.
However, depending on the number of services we have on the same day we can make the delivery earlier in the day.

2.4 The machine will be picked up at the end of your event by default (time indicated on the contract) but can be picked up the next day if we are unable to come and collect the equipment.

2.5 Our machines are rented for the times indicated on the quotation. Technical and telephone assistance will only answer you during these hours. The photo development pack on paper is based on 7 hours of use. Beyond this number of hours, we cannot guarantee that you will not go to the end of the paper roll. Digital photos remain 100% unlimited.

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3.1 The customer, who is fully responsible for the service that he organizes, will have to pay for all declarations and requests for administrative authorizations to be made in due time.

3.2 Provide a parking space for a vehicle close to the EasyBox location. In the event of a parking ticket for failure to park due to failure to make a reservation or to apply for a permit to pass through a public or pedestrian square, for example, this will be at the expense of the customer.

3.3 The location of an EasyBox must be on flat ground (grass to be avoided) facing and within 2m of a wall, decor or canvas* (for an optimal result*). In all cases a standard power supply must be provided at the location of the machine. We come with a 10m extension cord. We absolutely need a socket within a radius of 5m around the machine. 

3.4 The accessories are rented to you. We will collect them when we take back our machine. In case of lack of accessories, a supplement will be asked for.

3.5 Under NO circumstances should the machine be unplugged by a third party and/or moved after installation either at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the event without prior request. This can lead to a risk of file loss, erasing of settings, loss of a wifi network or various other problems…. If one of these actions is carried out without our agreement, no discount will be granted in case of problem due to these prohibited manipulations! You can ask us to intervene physically (displacement and handling will be charged not being initially responsible for the problem).

3.6 The customer must inform us of the exact location of the machine and/or provide us with a plan in case of absence during assembly and in anticipation of technical constraints.

3.7 The customer will be solely responsible for any damage caused during the event. Any damage, whether deliberate or not, will be invoiced. It is therefore recommended to be the beneficiary of a civil liability (RC). In this case, the link of the photos will be transmitted after settlement of the damage. A technician (not present during the event) is at your disposal for any malfunction of the machine. In case of no call in case of problem, no discount will be possible. Texts/SMS/email/calls to delivery personnel are not taken into account. Being sometimes in installation in basement or without network, it happens that we do not receive for a while. We will call you back as soon as we recover the network.

3.8 In case of a power cut, an accidental disconnection of the machine, a person jostling the machine, the machine can be taken to safety.

In this case:
Press the Padlock in the upper right corner of the screen (it is not very visible) and enter the code: 1111
Double click on the icon in the top right corner “Redémarrage Machine”.
The machine will restart completely (4min)

Technical support is available by telephone on the following numbers:

– Main number: 0041.22.519.26.67

– Secondary: 0041.78.948.67.27

We will be happy to help you by phone at first (often the plug is unplugged or there was a power cut which are things we cannot control after we leave) and that it is better to deal with by phone because the situation will be solved faster than if we have to come. However, if after analyzing the situation the technician does not find the solution, a technician will go to the place of the event where the delivery man installed the machine.


4.1 Our EasyBox measures: H 1m60 / W 60cm / D 60cm. Floor space to be provided 60cm by 60cm with a distance between the wall and the machine of 1m50. The size of the wall, background or backdrop must be at least H2m / L2m. It has 10m of wire.

4.2 Some partner locations have EasyBoxes all year round. Regularly maintaining our machines, we replace them during this maintenance with the black EasyBoxes which are initially more expensive but which we leave at preferential partner prices.


5.1 Machine and/or backdrop customizations must be sent no later than 10 working days before the day of the event. After this deadline, we may still be able to respond to your request with a supplement for express work requested by our printer (supplement between 50.00 chf and 120.00 chf).

5.2 The logo customization on the photo must be provided 7 working days before the event.

5.3 We ask our customers to send us good quality files (300 dpi for the canvas and/or the back of the machine and in jpeg or png (transparent background) image format for the logo on the image via the “personalization” interface (link at the bottom of your quote). The result will depend on your file. We cannot be held responsible if the final visual is bad or pixelated.

5.4 All files provided are not modified by us. They are inserted in the machine and/or sent to the printer. Possibility of retouching or creation (from 100.00 chf minimum in addition).

5.5 All files must be supplied via the interface provided for this purpose. Otherwise, they cannot be taken into account. By default, we will put a default template without customer logo.

5.6 Photos with the use of a backdrop (thematic, color or green) are of very good quality. Of course, this also depends on the file used to create the backdrop provided by our representative but also on the lighting of the location. To avoid, room too dark, sunny if outside because the sun turns and you may have traces.

5.7 Our EasyBoxes can go outside under certain conditions. We advise against this, especially if you install the machine yourself, as adjustments may be necessary. If the installation is carried out using Easyflash, we have to make certain settings for the sun. The latter changing during the day and not being able to control it, some inconveniences can come into play after our technician leaves (sun dazzling the lens, sun hitting an arbour or even a backdrop diffusing the light giving too light photos and then when night arrives you risk getting dark photos…) we cannot be held responsible in this case. It is important that the agent also provides protection in case of rain or strong sunshine (tent, large umbrella…). Any damage due to poor protection will be charged to the client. We advise against putting the background style canvases outside because of the wind and the sun. Tracks may appear or the canvas may swell or even fall off the gantry holding the canvas. These are natural elements that we cannot control. If you choose the outside, you must accept ALL these risks. Easyflash will in NO case be responsible for any problems, accidents or damage to the machine.

5.8 The wifi offered works depending on the network it receives. It may fluctuate and pick up the network and then lose it. It is a service offered. If the wifi offered does not work, no compensation can be requested. If you have chosen the paid option, in case of non-working to make network coverage, we will refund the price of the wifi box rental.


6.1 If you have chosen the option “Pick up the machine at our warehouse”, this is done by default on the morning of the day of the event from 9:30am by appointment and the return the next morning (except in exceptional cases).

6.2 We will ask you at the time of the withdrawal a valid ID + 300.00 chf cash deposit. This will cover damages caused to our machine during transport, handling or during the event.

6.3 Concerning the technical assistance, it will of course be at your disposal by telephone if necessary, however no technician will be able to go on the spot without additional cost in case of problem.


7.1 To confirm the quotation, please return the signed quotation via the link at the bottom of your quotation “Request for Confirmation”. As soon as we receive it, we will confirm the presence of our machine at your event by return e-mail, depending on availability. Without our confirmation, the confirmation is not definitive.

7.2 The digital photos of the event remain the property of Easyflash as long as the payment for the service has not been made in full or in the event of damage to the machine.


8.1 For any cancellation of our service, you may be asked to pay a fee.
After confirmation of the quotation -> 30% of the total amount.
Less than 1 month before the event -> 50% of the total amount.
Less than 15 days before the event -> 70% of the total amount.
Less than 1 week before the event -> 100% of the total amount.

For the COVID 19 situation, if your event cannot take place due to a “state restriction” that requires “canceling all events” you will be able to reschedule your event to the current year or the following year at the same or higher rate without any penalty. The invoice will be sent on the initial date and must be honored. This amount will be kept as a credit valid for an event on the same year or the following year. Of course, subject to our availability on that date.

For a request for postponement “without restriction of the state” and therefore at your request, 30% minimum penalty will be charged (according to the cancellation date) which will be paid before the new date. The initial invoice will have to be paid on the date initially planned. You will have a credit note corresponding to the initial amount of the service that you can use in the year or the following year.

All definitive cancellations from your part without postponement will generate penalty fees of minimum 30% (see conditions above).


9.1 As a private individual or foreign company:
– The payment must be on our bank account at the latest 30 working days before the date of the event. After this deadline, you can only pay for our services in cash on the day of the event. Please inform us of your preference before the 10 working days before the event.

As a Swiss company:
– The payment must be on our bank account no later than 30 days after the date of the event. All services performed at the end of the year must be paid 3 working days before the last day of the year.

9.2 A reminder fee (50.00 chf) may be charged for late payment.

9.3 Interest of 10% may be charged for late payment (date of the event + 45 days). After 60 days, without payment on your part despite our reminders, we will forward the file to the Geneva office in charge of litigation.