This contract is a service contract for the rental of a photobooth at an event (public / private event).


2.1 Easyflash complies with the regulations in force in the establishment as well as the laws and regulations in force in the country.

2.2 The Contractor undertakes to carry out the task specified in Article 1, in accordance with good practice and in the best manner.

2.3 Our Easy Machine will be delivered 1 hour before the beginning of your event at the latest.
However, depending on the number of services provided on that same day, we can deliver earlier in the day.

2.4 Pick up of the units will be at the end of your event by default but can be done on the following day in case of incapacity of our part to come to pick up the material.


3.1 The client, who is solely responsible for the service he organizes, will bear all the declarations and requests for administrative authorizations to be made in time.

3.2 Provide a location for a large vehicle near to the unit site for quick unloading (2 park places one behind the other for Easy Photobooth, 1 park place for Easy Box). In case of a fine for lack of parking due to non-booking or no request for authorization to pass on a public square, for example, this will be charged to the customer.

3.3 Easy PhotoBooth location must be against a wall. For the placement of Easy Box, it must be facing the front of a wall, canvas* or decoration ( for best results*) and within 2m of it. In all cases, a standard power supply must be provided at the unit’s location. The appliance must not be disconnected and/or moved after setup without having previously requested it. If one of these 2 actions is carried out and we need to re-launch the device or solve a problem, a travel/handling fee may be claimed (minimum 100.- excluding travel expenses).

3.4 The accessories are rented to you. We will pick them up when we take back our unit.
If an accessory or some of them are missing, extra charges will be requested.

3.5 The customer must give us the exact location of the machine. Our Easy PhotoBooth is on
castors, 1 person handling is enough. However, it is necessary to inform us if we meet on our route (stairs, floors, access dock, elevator) because if we have to carry the cabin to cross an obstacle, help will be necessary. 2 solutions are available:
1 person in the house will help us to cross the obstacle (by default) or 1 other handling person from Easyflash will be mandated for an additional fee. It is important to inform us of your choice.

3.6 The customer will be solely responsible for any damage during his event.
Any voluntary or unwarranted degradation will be invoiced. Therefore, it is recommended to be the beneficiary of civil liability (CR). A technician (not present during the event) is at your disposal for any malfunction of the machine. Discounts will not be possible if you don’t call our technician.
The unit can change to a security mode if there is a power failure, a disconnection of the machine by mistake or if a person pushes it.

In that case:
Press the Padlock on the top right of the screen (not very visible) or Press F11 on the keyboard * and enter the code: 1111
(* Easy Box: in the unit by opening the plate on the left-hand side / Photobooth: by the ground, behind the unit)
Double click on the icon at the top right “Redémarrage Machine”
The machine will restart completely (3min)
Technical assistance +41.22.519.26.67


4.1 Our Easy Photobooth measurements: Height 2m / Large 1m / Deep 40cm in one block. Ground location of 1m width and 1m50 long to be reserved

4.2 Our Easy Boxmeasurements: Height 1m60 / Large 60cm / Deep 60cm. Ground location to be envisaged 60cm on 60cm with a distance between the wall and the machine of 1m50. The size of the wall, bottom or canvas should make minimum Height 2m / Large 2m


5.1 Units and/or backdrop customization should be sent no later than 10 working days before the day of the event. After this period, we may be able to answer your request again with a supplement for express work requested by our printer.

5.2 The logo customization on the photo must be provided 3 working days before the event.

5.3 We ask our customers to provide us with good quality 300 dpi files for the canvas and / or back of the machine and in the jpeg or png (transparent backdrop image format for the logo on the image via the customization interface (Link at the bottom of your quote) The result will depend on your file and we can not be held responsible if the final visual is bad or pixelated.

5.4 All files provided are not modified by us. They are inserted into the unit and/or sent to the printer. Possibility of editing or changes (from 100.-CHF minimum)

5.5 All files must be provided via the interface provided. Otherwise, they can not be taken into account. By default, we will put a default template without your logo.


6.1 Should you have selected the option “unit pick up at our store”, you must pick it up the day of the event and the return it the next morning (except particular cases)

6.2 A valid ID + 300.- CHF of deposit in cash will be requested when picking up the unit.

6.3 With regards to technical assistance, it will, of course, be at your disposal if necessary, but no technician will be able to travel on the premises at no extra cost in the event of a problem.


7.1 To confirm the quote, kindly sign the quote and return it via the link at the bottom of your quotation “request for confirmation”. Upon receipt, we will confirm by email the setup of our unit to your event according to availability. The unit booking is valid only if receiving a writing confirmation from our side.

7.2 The digital photos of the event remain the property of the company Easyflash as long as the service is not paid in full.


8.1 You may be charged for any cancellation of our services.
After confirmation of the quote-> 30% of the total amount
Less than 1 month before the day of the event -> 50% of the total amount
Less than 15 days before the day of the event -> 70% of the total amount
Less than 1 week before the day of the event -> 100% of the total amount


9.1 For private customers and non-Swiss companies:

  • Payment must be on our bank account no later than 7 days before the date of the event.

As a Swiss company:

  • Payment must be on our bank account no later than 30 days after the date of the event. All services performed at the end of the year must be paid 3 working days before the last day of the same year.

9.2 Call-back charges (50.- CHF) may be charged for any late payment.

9.3 A 10% interest may be charged for any delay in payment (date of issue of invoice + 45 days). After 60 days, without payment on your part despite our reminders, we transfer the case to the Office de Genève in charge of litigation.